“I read about a third of it today at one go – absolutely fascinating!”
Phil Drake, Sheffield

“Congratulations on a great job in recording the lives of ordinary folk – my kind of history!”
Bob Peden, Aberchirder

“It’s a lovely publication and the images have come out very well indeed.”
Liverpool Archives

“I am enjoying the reading because it is so readable, the way the English language flows along and the descriptions create pictures in the mind quite clearly.”
Jenny Bradley, Clitheroe

“The first day I read nearly 100 pages: so easy to read (I hope this is a compliment).”
Anne Whitaker, Slaidburn

“It is an authoritative social history of a crucial period personally witnessed.Typewriters

The format adopted immediately arrests attention. Instead of a rather standard and boring narrative following a strict chronology, the reader is taken hither and thither as events trigger observations relating to the future and past, be it evacuation, the blackout, popular songs, or the government’s near absolutism. … The device of including ‘textboxes’ offering mini essays on related topics works effectively: so much more accessible than footnotes or end notes.”
Dr. Robert McCloy, Swansea

Phil Tonks, Stourbridge